Libreville, June 14, 2022 – The Gabonese Fund for Strategic Investments (FGIS) and its entities under management signed on Friday, June 3, 2022 on the sidelines of the Forum USTM-Enterprises a partnership agreement with the University of Science and Technology of Masuku (USTM), aiming to promote the employability of young graduates and the development of technical capabilities of both structures.

Through this collaboration, FGIS, its subsidiaries and the USTM aim to build bridges to encourage the transfer of skills between the Fund’s experts, students and researchers, as well as to facilitate the professional integration of USTM students.

Gabon Power Company (GPC) and the Façade Maritime du Champ Triomphal (FMCT), subsidiaries of the FGIS respectively dedicated to the realization of energy projects and the development of the Baie des Rois, have also committed to collaborate with the USTM. In particular, GPC has presented a plan to recruit engineers and technicians between 2024 and 2026, for the operation and maintenance of the power plants under construction. The FMCT, for its part, plans to recruit technical profiles in civil engineering and construction between 2022 and 2023.

The priorities of this agreement are :

  • The training, highlighted through the co-creation of diploma courses for employees of companies with technical character of the Fund and students of the USTM, as well as the intervention of executives and managers of the said companies as part-time teachers,
  • Research, which will be developed through co-supervised and co-financed thesis and research projects, as well as through the provision of technical and financial support for the acquisition of suitable equipment,
  • Recruitment, aimed at developing students’ access to work-study programs and internships, as well as their professional integration, through the organization of job forums,
  • Information, communication and scientific events, through the organization of events and awareness campaigns on the sectors and professions of FGIS and its entities,
  • The disability and social component, which will aim to develop opportunities for students with disabilities within the structures of FGIS and its entities.

“Through this partnership, our ambition is to participate in the strengthening of technical and scientific skills in Gabon, as well as the emergence of local talent. I would also like to thank the USTM teams for their trust and for their work in the service of Gabonese youth,” said Akim Daouda, FGIS Director General.

“I would like to salute the Administrator and Director General of FGIS for having been sensitive to our project of Pedagogical Mutation. The collaboration thus defined between our entities must be animated by the unreserved expression of the talents of the teaching staff as well as of our students, future trainees of the professional world” declared Pr Crépin ELLA MISSANG, Rector of the USTM.

The USTM, a public institution inaugurated in 1986 in Franceville, is dedicated to the fields of technology and science, and offers training at all levels, up to the Doctorate. This new partnership project, which is in line with FGIS’s actions to promote employment, such as its support for the expansion of the activities of the National Employment Office, confirms the Fund’s desire to support public institutions, to participate in the development of human capital in Gabon, and to promote the shared prosperity of Gabon’s future generations.

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