Okoumé Capital has just unveiled the list of Gabonese start-ups selected for the Incubation Start-up program, through its “Fabrique des Champions” initiative

Through this program, Okoumé Capital aims to support Gabonese entrepreneurs in the structuring and development of their entrepreneurial projects.

Members of this cohort will benefit from support for 6 months.

The sectors that were privileged during the selection process are agriculture / agro-industry, timber / forestry and mining / quarrying, in line with the strategic sectoral approach of the Transformation Acceleration Plan of Gabon. Projects from other sectors such as trade and health were also selected.

The selection process of also favored structures ran by women and young people under 40.

The Start-up Incubation program is one of the three components offered by the Fabrique des Champions, Okoumé Capital’s tailor-made support vehicle.

With the support of ESPartners, a firm specialized in the development of African SMEs, La Fabrique des Champions aims to select fifty small and medium-sized enterprises each year to help them develop their capacities and contribute to the creation of shared value in Gabon.

Finally, it should be noted that in the coming days Okoumé Capital will also launch the call for applications for the third support component dedicated to the Incubation of Small Businesses.

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