The mission of the Gabonese Sovereign Wealth Fund (FGIS) is to invest for the achievement of shared prosperity in Gabon.

The impact of the FGIS investments should enable the growth of Gabonese SMEs, which present the most potential for job creation. Our investment policy in Gabon is consistent with the objectives of Gabon's Emerging Strategic Plan and promotes the diversification of the economy. It aims to reduce our economy’s exposure to the fluctuations of international oil markets and to consolidate the sustainability of our revenues. Our investment policy is also intended to develop a strong savings base for future generations.

The areas of intervention

Our chosen areas of intervention stem from our willingness to create an impact: the development of essential infrastructures, support for small and medium-sized enterprises to promote job creation, particularly for young people and women, land development, and the strengthening of social sectors, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This new strategy is aligned with the key responsibilities entrusted to the FGIS in the 2021-2023 Transformation Acceleration Plan, which sets the Government’s roadmap for economic diversification.