On Wednesday, November 10, the Libreville Business Center (LBC) building was the setting for the presentation of the 10 companies selected for the first cohort of the “Fabrique des Champions” program. An initiative that promotes the transformation of the most promising small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Launched on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, the program called “The Factory of Champions” has just seen its first batch. Thus, 10 small and medium-sized enterprises, out of about fifty applications, have been selected by standing out for their activities and their potential in various fields.

They include Global Forest Environment Consulting (GFEC), Optikah, Infracom, Resco services, Nila Geosolutions, Agrivert, Digitech Africa, Les Petits Pots de l’Ogooué, Leads Global and Heavy equipment maintenance services professionals (HEMS PRO). According to Chimène Ayito, Managing Director of Okoumé Capital, the selection was made in accordance with the Plan d’Accélération pour la Transformation (PAT), taking into account the strategic sectors of agriculture, wood and mining.

“We have also integrated companies from other sectors, including trade, while adopting an inclusive approach for women and youth,” added the general manager of Okoumé Capital. This program is defined as an offer of support and financing to accelerate the emergence of a range of national champions.

As a reminder, La Fabrique des Champions has three components: Acceleration, Startup Incubation and Small Business Incubation. Okoumé Capital is supported in this initiative by the firm ESPartners, expert in accompanying African SMEs.

Author: Lauris Pemba

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