Our investment strategy

As the exclusive manager of the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Gabonese Republic and of the unallocated assets of the Gabonese State’s portfolio, the FGIS leverages the resources from its portfolio and from oil revenues for the benefit of Gabon’s infrastructures, economic fabric and social sectors.

Our organization focuses on the long-term financial performance of its assets under management and invests to achieve shared prosperity for the benefit of the Gabonese population and future generations.

The ways in which the Fund intervenes

Asset management

The FGIS manages assets held by the State in private companies in order to grow its savings base. As a fund manager, the FGIS contributes to safeguarding the management and monitoring of these companies’ strategy.

Project development and financing

The FGIS brings projects to pre-feasibility stage and actively participates in the financing of essential infrastructures through special purpose vehicles created in partnership with international companies.

Private equity

The FGIS invests in Gabonese SMEs which present a strategic interest for the State to promote the development of national champions.


Our sectors of activity

The FGIS invests in key sectors for the transformation of the Gabonese economy.


Our portfolio companies

In order to act as closely as possible to our intervention sectors, the FGIS owns specialized investment vehicles.