Our Mission

As the exclusive manager of the Sovereign Wealth Fund of the Gabonese Republic and of the unallocated holdings of the Gabonese government’s portfolio, the FGIS leverages the government’s resources from its portfolio and from oil exploitation for the benefit of Gabon’s infrastructures, economic fabric and social sectors.

Our organization focuses on the long-term financial performance of its assets under management and invests towards the achievement of shared prosperity for the benefit of the Gabonese population and future generations.

Our Values


Our investments are part of a long-term approach to improve the living conditions of the Gabonese population and future generations


The FGIS manages its assets responsibly and with transparency in order to ensure the best financial performance of its portfolio


The FGIS is committed to supporting the government’s strategy to transform the national economy for the benefit of the Gabonese population


The FGIS and its portfolio companies attract the best talent to carry out their mission to serve the people of Gabon.  The FGIS teams are motivated by performance standards that meet the country’s economic, social and environmental development needs.