Investing for a shared
prosperity in Gabon
Discover the FGIS
Investing for a shared
prosperity in Gabon
Discover the FGIS

The FGIS in a few figures:

$1,89 billion

U.S. of estimated assets
under management across all portfolios


of the value
of the portfolio in Gabon


lines of business
represented in the portfolio

Our investments:

The Gabonese Sovereign Wealth Fund is a key player in the transformation of the Gabonese economy

Support for SMEs

To promote job creation, we invest directly in Gabon's economic fabric by supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in accessing financing throughout their life cycle.


We invest in infrastructure, through special purpose vehicles, in partnership with international operators under PPP schemes.

Social sectors

We act as financial sponsors to the health and education systems to promote the well-being of the Gabonese population.


The management of our portfolio aims for the financial performance and positive social impact of our assets

  • 01

    Patient investor:

    Our organization commits throughout the entire life cycle of projects that are set to benefit the people of Gabon and future generations

  • 02

    Dedicated investor:

    We select projects based on their potential to have high social impact and mobilize our own resources to mitigate risk perception for stakeholders

  • 03

    Innovative investor:

    Our organization raises to the challenge of transforming the national economy by developing groundbreaking projects that are unprecedented in the Gabonese context

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